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Re: gear questions

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:

> Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
> How about those single-use ones?  I love my Nikon camera but it seems
> so heavy to take hiking.  I am not a fanatic about clarity, but I do
> want nice pictures.
> Also -- anyone ever use rain "chaps"?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sharon
> ssharpe@wellesley.edu

I've used them with pretty good results. However, they don't adjust for 
varying light conditions as a 'better' camera would and work best in sun 
or bright light conditions. In the lower light on the trail, waterfalls 
deep in the woods etc, the pictures are underexposed.

If you do use one, the 400 speed would probably be best all 'round.