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Re: thorlo socks

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:

> Thanks to all sock-meisters and your excellent advice.  I picked up some
> thorlo trekkers (as opposed to Lt trekkers).  they don't have cotten in
> them though.  I haven't done any serious walking in them but I put them
> on to walk around the house and my feet fell instantly in love!  I hope
> the affair will last since they were 12 bucks, but on the trail nothing
> that works right is too expensive!
> Thanks again.  -Sharon
> ssharpe@wellesley.edu

One final word ... I have a whole drawer full of sock and those Thorlos 
are the ones I pull out first. I understand what you mean about the 
comfort - I've started to wear them with my Reeboks as well.