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Re: Sierra zip stove

>>I'm considering stoves to take on the AT with me.  I like the low 
weight = and wood as fuel that the Sterra zip wood burning camp 
stove uses.  Has anyone experience with this stove or an opinon on 
       Used 1 on FT, worked great for me. Someone else asked same 
thing, so I'll repeat my ideas on ZIP. It's a fairly good stove to 
use on the AT, as no lack of fuel. There are a few drawbacks(to 
me). I use the model with the "C" battery. The wood chips must be 
fairly small, the stove requires constant feeding, ie, take pot off 
,feed fire, put pot back on, off, etc. You should carry some type 
of fire starter, and/or, during the day, whittle up some fuzz 
sticks. Another way, carry broken up self light charcoal 
brickettes. Don't use whole brickettes, as they last a lot longer 
than the time to cook something, and then you must dispose the hot 
coals properly. If the weathers bad, ie, raining, and your in a 
lean-to, no hikers there are going to appriciate the smoke! And, of 
course, using that stove in tent is not wise. You should have 2 
good bags, 1 for the stove, 1 for pot, as both get blackened and 
sooty, even with soap film on outside of pot.

Over all, I think it's a great stove to use, if your just going 
hiking for a short time, and the weather's fair, but I wouldn't use 
it as my primary stove on an extended backpack trek. As I stated, 
did so on thru-hike of FT, only had a few times of waiting to cook 
a hot meal, because of the weather. All of the above I learned 
about ZIP, on that 2 1/2 month trek.