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Hi everybody,
        I am a brand-new subscriber to this list, and I thought I'd post right
off the bat rather than lurking.  I think it's great how much information you
all have and are willing to share.  I want to do a thru-hike sometime in the
future (2004?), and in the meantime (college) I'm trying to read up all I can
about the AT.  Does anyone have any suggestions for books?  So far I've read
Garvey's Appalachian Hiker II, Chew's Underfoot:  A Geologic Guide to the AT,
Luxenberg's Walking the AT, The Ragged Mountain Portable Wilderness Anthology, 
Shaffer's Walking With Spring, and I've browsed through the AT Data Book and 
the AT Companion.  Any other suggestions would be wonderful.  Thank you!