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trail crew work

CCOOOOLL  I got a call last night from the trail crew leader that I'll
be working with this May.  I'm so psyched!!!  From May 9-13 I'll be doing
some trail crew work on the Southern crew.  I'm not sure yet where we'll
be, but he said the "Base camp" will be in the Mt Rogers area.  So any of you
that haven't left yet, I may get a chance to meet you.  We'll be doing some
trail re-location and re-grading I was told.  By any chance, is anyone else
on that same trail crew?  I know, long shot of a chance, but thought I'd
ask.  :-)

They're going to be sending me a pack of info this coming week, but I'm
still curious.  What is meant by "basic camping gear?"  I realize I should
bring pack, sleeping bag and pad, clothes.  but what about a tent, stove, fuel?
I realize this will probably be covered in the packet I get later, but
I'm just too anxious.  The weather finally turned very springlike today (not
a cloud in they sky an temps in the 70's.  gotta love it) so I keep thinking
more and more about getting on the trail.

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