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Volunteer Work crews forming at Harpers Ferry

I was just sent this about the special project at Harpers Ferry by the 
Potomac Conservancy:  (see below)

Added notes: I was in Harpers Ferry a couple of days ago and learned that
Laurie Peel Pottiger (sp.?) will be taking over Jean Cashin's position, as
Jean will be retiring in a couple of weeks.  Laurie's a thru-hiker - well
virtually - I think she stopped about 100 miles short of K. because the
person she was hiking with was ill, and then time ran out for that year.
(I think I'm remembering correctly.) But - she went up to Maine a couple
of years ago to finish up.  She's been working hard at the ATC for quite a
few years in the orders department. Everyone is certainly going to miss 
Jean, I know Laurie will do a great job!

Reminded of the canoe picture that's been on Jean bulletin board for years
by a message on this list, I looked for it but it seems to be no longer
there.  (By the time I remembered to look, Jean had gone to lunch and I
couldn't ask what had happened to it...)

--Kathy Bilton
Special Upriver Project

Appalachian Trail/C&O Canal: Harpers Ferry, WV

	The Appalachian Trail runs on the C&O Canal from Harpers Ferry, WV for
three miles from Harpers Ferry downriver to South Mountain.  The half-mile
section at the railroad bridge crossing of the Potomac at Harpers Ferry has
been totally devastated (see Mile 60: The Forbidden Zone on our web page at
http://www.canal.com for awesome photos).  A partner project is available
with the Appalachian Trail Conference to restore a temporary AT link through
this critical half mile.  Eight member crews are sought for week-long work
periods.  Participants will receive free meals and lodging at the Harpers
Ferry hostel.  Weekly sessions are available for the following dates:  April
10-15, 17-22 and 24-29.  Weekend help is also sought.

	To sign up for week-long sessions call Lynda Martin at (717) 258-5771/FAX
(717) 258-1442.  Weekend workers should call Susan Daniels at ATC
headquarters in Harpers Ferry at (304) 535-6331.

Don't Forget to Join the Potomac Conservancy

	The Potomac Conservancy is a 2 1/2 year old action-oriented land trust with
roughly 500 members dedicated to conserving and enhancing the Potomac River
landscape and the C&O Canal.  By volunteering you've shown that you share a
common bond with the Conservancy.  Join today and help support our work.
We're in this for the long haul.  Drop us a note to request a membership
brochure or simply send us a note at P.O. Box 2288, Merrifield, VA 22116
with your name and address and a check for $25 to become a member and start
receiving our quarterly newsletter.