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Re: Sierra zip stove

>I considering stoves to take on the AT with me.  I like the low weight =
>and wood as fuel that the Sterra zip wood burning camp stove uses.  Has =
>anyone experience with this stove or an opinon on it?

here two interesting www-links:

I have no experience with this kind of stove, but the idea has advantages.
If the weight argument is really the biggest advantage, I don't no.
The SIERRA Stove alone is quite light but you need also a Windshield, the Xtra
Grate (for longer sticks) and backup batteries.

A obvious problem is the orginal pot size, 1 liter is too small, so it is
possible to use a bigger pot (for example 2 liter) with the stove or limits the
Windshield the potsize or is the boiling time a problem?

What is the biggest possible diameter with the Windshield ?


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