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Re: Help!

In a message dated 96-04-03 01:30:42 EST, you write:

>I've tried at least three times to unsubscribe from this listserve 
>using the "unsubscribe AT-L" message sent to "listproc@inc.net" and I'm 
>still receiving messages.  Can someone tell me what else I should do to 
>unsubscribe?  Thanks,

You got it partially right 

Mail to: listproc@patsy.hack.net

and then in the body write 

Unsubscribe at-l [your name] 

although your name isn't obligatory.

The server has been real slow lately so you may just wanna hang on. I would
say if you get no responses w/i a day write to ryan@patsy.hack.net. That
person is the manager

Billy Goat