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Re: gear questions

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:
> Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
> How about those single-use ones?  I love my Nikon camera but it seems
> so heavy to take hiking.  I am not a fanatic about clarity, but I do
> want nice pictures.
> Also -- anyone ever use rain "chaps"?

	I've used rain chaps before...they have their 
place...lightweight, covers the leg portions, and keeps the sweating from 
the midsection down as they don't have a midsection. The only bad thing 
is that you pretty much have to have either a belt or belt loops to tie 
them to and they look funny (that's what my friends always said about me 
- I think it was when I was wearing rainchaps!). I have managed to tie 
them together to make a quasi-pair-o-pants but had to ensure they 
wouldn't fall off & defeat their purpose.
	Re the cheap cameras: I carry an Olympus XAII, a teeny 
rangefinder, & occ. my Olympus OM-I (its meter no longer works -- have to 
use the "rule of 16" for exposures). These are older models but there's a 
lot of comprable cameras on the market. I've never been satisfied with 
the throwaway cameras quality -- I've used one for a trip to Glacier 
where I forgot mine and one panoramic camera (liked the prints but its 
costly). The bad thing about the cheap cameras is seen in the blowups -- 
lose a lot of quality. Since I do a lot of wildflower photos, I like 
something with some versatility. I think there's a lot of new cameras out 
there that are under $100 that give you quality as well as versatility. I 
even saw a panoramic camera for under 20 that's reloadable..