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Re: Medical condition ends hike

You have my sympathies, Bill.  I often wonder (and fear inside) the fact that
I may get physically handicapped to do a thru-hike before I have the
opportunity to do so.  Being in my late 40's that is a very real prospect.
 I'd like to say I have until my 60's or 70's to get the hike done, but one
doesn't know when some illness or injury will strike. So, I try to be happy
with the section hiking that we do every year, and truly I do enjoy every
moment of it!  So, perhaps a thru-hike acrossed the States isn't in the cards
for you, but there are other mtns. to conquer and bridges to cross.  You
*can* still hike, just not like you would have liked to.

I am glad you told us this story.  I was not aware that hypothermia could
happen in the way it happened to you.  I have been on the trail and gotten
the uncontrollable shivers, but got warm again and was okay.  It can be

Take care, Bill.  Hang in there!

IL Fltlndr