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Re: Knee's

>I"ve had knee problems for quite some time; seemed to try about everything. 
 However, I've never found knee braces to work well.  Also, I was told that 
accumualting fluid around the knee would be a problem.  What seems to work 
for me is
>  1.  Get to the Gym and pump some weights.  A good weight-lifting program 
has done wonders for me ( and I hate going to the gym)
>  2.  Hiking with a walking stick.  I avoided this for years, but now will 
not get on trail without my trusty pole.
>  3.  Stretch out frequently during the day, espically at the start of the 
day and just after pulling the boots off.
>  4.  A couple Ibufroin at bed. 
>My knee problem is due to a muscle in-balance, due to mega-miles as a 
competitive cyclist. 
>Nothing worse than the gut-wrenching stab of pain that I could get from one 
of those famed ass-over-tea-kettle descents found on the AT.  
>Roger Bolton


Tend to agree with your Rx. My orthopedic surgeon recommended "Aleve" over 
Ibuprofen, so I tried it. Took 4 per day and didn't feel any pain on my last 
30 mile hike in the Smokies. Wore a custom fit, $500 brace on one knee and 
and ace bandage on the other. Use xc poles instead of my hiking stick. Pack 
about 35lbs. Made it okay, but after the hike my knees were balloon city. 
Swelling subsided in about a week. I cycle too, about 100 to 150 miles per 
week in spring and summber. My problem is that most of the meniscus 
cartilege has been removed from both knees and I have flat feet(no shock 
absorbers). I ordered some Leki's and will try them, since the ski pole 
straps put some major blisters on my hands when I took my gloves off. Used 
to religiously use a hiking staff, but favor one leg when I use it, so am 
now trying the poles. We'll see.