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Re: gear questions

>Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
>How about those single-use ones?  I love my Nikon camera but it seems
>so heavy to take hiking.  I am not a fanatic about clarity, but I do
>want nice pictures.
>Also -- anyone ever use rain "chaps"?
>Thanks in advance.

I recieved a new camera for Christmas that I will be taking with me on my 
thru-hike next year and I think it fits the bill perfectly. It is made by 
Halina/Ansco and was purchased at Wal-Mart, cost $19.99, weight 5.5 oz. It 
is a 35mm point and shoot with flash, and while it is not motorized (you 
have to advance the film manulaly) it does take both standerard and 
panoramic shots. It came with the batteries and a 12 exposure roll of film 
and while I haven't had it out on the trail yet, the shots I took around 
town turned out quite nicely. I have used the panoramic single use cameras 
before and had good luck with them, but the cost of the camera plus 
developing, which is quite expensive for panoramic pictures, seemed a bit 
prohibitive to me. I have also used a single use 3-D camera that was quite 
interesting, but not something I would want to use for an entire AT 
thru-hike, the developed shots almost give me a headache.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)