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Trail pecking order?

    A couple of recent postings about trailnames for section hikers seemed
to imply that there is some sort of enforced pecking order for AT hikers.
There may be some that feel this way, but I've not run across it as a
section hiker, not on the trail and not on this list. I've shared shelters
with mixes of thru hikers,section hikers, and weekenders. As long as people
were knowledgable about backpacking and had no glaring personality problems
people seem to be part of the same family. I don't think Jim was saying any
different in his post, I suspect the particular section/day hikers he
mentions would have received negative trail names even as thru hikers. Even
thru hikers can be unpopular to other thru hikers. In recent years there
has been at least one thru hiker who has become so unpopular as to be
legendary. There may have been thru hikers that have looked down on me as a
section hiker, but I'm not going to worry about anybody that doesn't follow
the saying, "Hike your own hike".

                                    Steve Coombs
                                  GA 89 > ME 21st century