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Re: gear questions

My husband uses those throwaway cameras all the time while backpacking 
and he loves them (I have to have MY camera with all the extras). His 
pictures often are so good I can't tell which ones I took from his. 
Anyway, he has found that any direct or bright light coming into the lens 
will make the picture somewhat hazy/gray. He now shades the lens to get 
the clearest picture. The work very well. If you are going anywhere with 
great 360 views from a summit, or something, you should definitely pick 
up a panoramic picture "throwaway" and take pictures all the way around 
you and you can piece them together when you get them developed to have a 
360 degree picture! BTW, panoramic photos cost nearly $1 a piece or more, 
especially if you go to a 1-hour place for your developing.

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Sharon Sharpe wrote:

> Thanks, Jim for your post about coated nylon jacket v. goretex.  I feel
> better about my choice of nylon (waterproof both ways!) since I have
> only hiked in the late spring and summer.  
> Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
> How about those single-use ones?  I love my Nikon camera but it seems
> so heavy to take hiking.  I am not a fanatic about clarity, but I do
> want nice pictures.
> Also -- anyone ever use rain "chaps"?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sharon
> ssharpe@wellesley.edu