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Re: gear questions

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 13:22:41 -0600 you wrote:

>Anybody have any experience with those cheap <$30, light 35 mm cameras?
>How about those single-use ones?  I love my Nikon camera but it seems
>so heavy to take hiking.  I am not a fanatic about clarity, but I do
>want nice pictures.

Hi Sharon,

About the single-use cameras...  They seem to take excellent pictures. 
My dad is a professional photographer and was a bit chagrined at the
quality of photos taken by my mother with one of those on a recent trip
they took to the carribean!  (She helps him pose people in their
business, but isn't a photo-gear head like him!)  I think the
water-proof version would be a logical choice for the trail, but I'm not
sure how durable they are.  Maybe someone else 'round here knows how
much abuse they'll take?

Also, I have to agree with you.  This list is the best thing, I've found
on the net!  People are friendly and helpful -- very refreshing from all
the noise elsewhere.  I think all the new folks, me included, should do
our best to keep it this way.


Dave DeCroix
Ga->Me '98 Hopeful