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sewing your own stuff!!

Alisa you are my hero.  Do you also do brain surgery on the trail??
We met these two guys in their late 60s in Massachusetts on the trail
who also made all their own stuff.  Packs, tents, stuff sacks. Not 
their clothes though.  They did it to save WEIGHT rather than
money.  Made fun of all the extra straps on my pack (Lowe scirocco)
that I never use.  They were out for 20 days and carried about 20
lbs each (including a weeks food but not water).

To Chet.... Bag balm can be found in the hardware store if you are
in a somewhat rural area.  That's where we get it anyway.

To everyone... I am on other lists and this one is absolutely
without a doubt the most friendly and supportive bunch of
people.  I have become addicted and my work productivity has
gone right into the toilet, but I am so psyched to hike that I
don't even care!! -- Thanks to all!