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Re: Apex stove

I also have the Apex II, and I think Frank's comments are right on.
When I first tried to light the stove, I was sure I had done something
wrong.  Once the stove was warm, everything was fine.  

I don't have much to add, and this post is also for the purpose of
introducing myself to the group.  I'm still going to be an outsider,
as I am not an AT hiker (yet), although I've done a lot of backpacking
and hiking in NY (Adirondacks and Catskills), Colorado, New Hampshire,
and Newfoundland.  My wife and I have talked about doing the AT some 
point, but we don't know when yet.  

It's nice to see everyone getting along and being helpful on this
forum (wish it were the same elsewhere on the internet!).  I hope I
will be able to add a little something once in a while, and that it
won't be a problem from an "outsider."


FrankLogue@aol.com writes:
> Matt,
> I use an Apex II regularly and you will get a hair singing column of yellow
> flames if you light it the way Coleman suggests. 
> Two tips to help: 
> 1) make sure that your fuel tank is fully pressurized. If you don't get it as
> pressurized as possible, you won't get a blue flame at all. 
> 2) Peak 1 says you don't have to pre-heat the stove, but I think that is
> overly optimistic. We always light the stove and then immediately shut off
> the gas supply. This creates the forementioned yellow flames, which will burn
> for a short time after you cut off the gas. As those flames die out, turn the
> gas back on a relight. This short preheating has always worked to have our
> Apex II fire back to life with a blue flame and the second lighting (just
> like a Whisperlite does).
> -Frank Logue

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