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Re: to sew?

>>The Eureka factory store in Binghamton used to have a pretty good
>>selection of raw materials...
> hey, good idea!  was just down there to pick up a tent...never even 
> to look.

They don't make it easy...the yard goods were always stuffed away in
a hidden corner behind the family tent display.  It always seemed as if
we had to climb over something to get to the thing.  It's been a few years,
so I don't know if they even sell the stuff any more.  OTOH, if things are
slow (i.e., some time other than the spring sale), I've found that the sales
folks were generally willing to rummage around in the back for stuff.

They were about the only place which sold Gore-Tex by the yard.  My wife
bought some to make a rain/snow jacket for the dog :-)