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Re: to sew?

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996 Pooombah@aol.com wrote:
> well, just by coincidence, my mom hands me a catalog this morning from a
> place called the Rain Shed in Oregon filled with patterns and fabric for
> outdoor stuff!  everything from overmits to waterproof/breathable rain gear,
> stuff sacks...you name it.  
> so, yes, here i am admitting that I CAN SEW...call me a dork, but i think
> this is really cool--i had no idea companies like this existed.  but if
> you're handy while slaving over a hot sewing machine, it brings the cost of
> something like a pair of Ultrex pants from120 to 35 bucks.   not bad!

To the woman of the 50s, alisa:
	You mentioned about finding suitable bag liner fabric. I've been 
looking for some "polar-fleece" (I think that's what it's called) fabric 
but the local shops have sent it all north to NH. It's the fluffy stuff 
that's soft on both sides, often used in housecoats(which I have). As we 
don't heat the bedroom here, I often put my housecoat next to me 
initially as it warms up quicker than the flannel sheets. I also noticed, 
it's like polypro, essentially dry when you take it out of the wash. I 
think it'd be a great inner bag & perhaps even cool weather sleeper. The 
only draw-back may be the weight.
	I'd be interested in getting a catalog from the Oregon group. 
Could you send me the address? I've made a down vest in the past, fairly 
easy. The best part is you can tailor it to suit your needs (I made a 
really long one to also cover my tail). A friend made a sleeping bag.

PS. I just picked up some knitting needles to try to darn my hiking socks!
esp. the new Thorlos, newly ventilated....