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RE: Bus Service - Hot Springs & Damascus

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Sent: 	Monday, April 01, 1996 2:22 AM
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Subject: 	Bus Service - Hot Springs & Damascus

It's time for me to start planning this year's section hike.  Does anyone
know if there is commercial bus service between Asheville, NC and Hot Springs
and between Damascus and Bristol, TN?

Hood Ornament
GA>ME '93-'05 

Don't know about about service between Asheville and Hot Springs but you can 
call Mt. Rogers Outfitters, 540-475-5416, in Damascus and they will help you 
find a shuttle to or from Bristol.  FYI Dave "Damascus Dave" and his son Jeff 
who own Mt. Rogers Outfitters are a very big part of the "Trail Magic" that 
happens in Damascus. They will go out of their way to help hikers who have 
problems with their gear.

Beware of the town of Damascus!!! Once you get there its very hard to leave. 
The people are wonderful and helpful and the town loves the fact that its the 
most friendliest trail town. As one hiker put it a few seasons ago "....I had 
to jettison alot of time and money before I achieved escape velocity to leave 

Mike Ritoli
AT- whenever I can break the pull of Mt. Rogers and Damascus