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gore tex socks

>.Chet.... Do goretex socks keep your feet dry?  Mostly your other socks?
>One of the truisms I read in the shelter logs was
>"There's no such thing as waterproof boots"
>along with "you're never there til you're there" and 
>When its raining, the shelter is full when everyone's inside"
>I just hate putting on wet socks in the morning after hiking in the rain
>all the day before.

IMHO gortex socks don't work well keeping feet dry in the rain, because the
water runs down my legs and into the top of the socks. They do help in
keeping my feet warm though, and they help my feet get dry after it stops
raining, but the ground is still wet and muddy. I don't usually wear rain
pants, preferring bare legs. I also hike in running shoes instead of boots.

I have found that they will keep your feet warm and dry in snow. I think
this is their best use.

A note on using gortex socks. Put a thin polypro sock against you skin, then
the gortex sock, then your  thick hiking sock over the gortex sock. This
will keep your foot warm and dry, and protect the sock. Gortex is rather
fragile (it looks just like the teflon tape plumbers rap around pipe
threads) and requre some extra care.

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