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Re: Hey Poombah! and ALL GA>ME96er's!!!


     You know Solinky?  I met him at Frank's long distance campfire chat at
Backpacker online and we are meeting in Gainseville to start together on the
13th of April.  Anyway, he is from Syracuse, too, though he is leaving this
week to visit his family before heading out.  The O-Men beat my beloved
Jayhawks, but I will root for them anyway.

Peace, Horus

BTW, any online GA>ME96er's!  Please, please, please put your online handles
in the trail logbooks because I really want to meet you this Summer and if I
met you you here in cyberspace I want to put a name with a face.  I am John
Gladbach, AKA Horus, Falcon God of Kings.  I am the big guy from Kansas and I
love to talk about the Jayhawks and how great Kansas is and I never know when
to shutup.  This is how you will recognize me! 

I leave in 12 days and have a poor memory but if you will e-mail me at
Horus@aol.com I will start a master list of all 96 thru-hikers.  Please
include a departure date and a little bio that will help us identify you on
the trail.  I'll gladly post that list here.