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Re: denatured alcohol?

In message Fri, 29 Mar 96 21:44:11 EST, at-l@patsy.hack.net  writes:

> Needles,
> Denatured alcohol will be even harder to find than camping gaz cartridges
> and I am pretty sure you couldn't send it to yourself by mail. With the
> MSR being neither real heavy or real slow, I would suggest that you think
> it through more carefully before deciding to leave the MSR at home.
> -Frank Logue

Denatured alcohol is significantly more expensive than Coleman fuel, and
yields less heat energy per unit volume.  It IS true that the USPO does not
allow mailing of flammable liquids.

As for exotic heat sources, I read about a Himalayan expedition that
carried a nuclear thermoelectric generator of the type used on deep-space
probes.  They were sponsored by the CIA and the generator was to power a
spy radio receiver to be placed on the Chinese border.  They lost it in a
crevasse and someday the evil isotopes will end up in the Ganges River...


Frank     reid@indiana.edu

"Cholesterol free" = they don't charge extra for it.
"All natural ingredients" = contains no plutonium.