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Re: Knobby Knees

Jack Ray wrote while using Ben Gay...................
>> Hi, everyone-  Several people have mentioned knee problems. The 
first time I back- packed I blew out a knee and the second time I 
blew out the other one.
>> My solution has been to wear Ace spandex knee braces, which is 
not fun on hot days but has meant the difference between agonizing 
pain and no problem. I've never seen anyone on the trail wearing 
them, and no one has mentioned them on this list, so I thought I'd 
pass it on. 

       You've never seen me on a trail then................I never 
leave home without my ACE...........Injured my left knee many, many 
years ago, by jumping out of a plane (Actually it wasn't jumping 
out of da plane, it was the sudden stop when I hit the mother 
(mother earth that is)) and  have problems with that knee ever 
since, mainly when I start carrying my 100 pound pack for several