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to sew?

hey y'all.  what a beautiful saturday!  it might just get to 60 today!
 getting the ole bike tuned up...birds are chirping, it's so DREAMY.  

well, those of you who may know me will laugh at this next one.  yesterday i
was in my friendly neighborhood walmart to pick up some potting soil (spring
fever for sure) and decided to wander over to the fabric department to see
what kind of  material they had that would be suitable for a sleeping bag
liner/overbag.  the woman looked at me as though i'd just been beamed down
from planet moron when i asked for waterproof material.  at first i thought
that it was because i wasn't wearing spandex and sporting tattoos.  but then
i started thinking about how little call there must be for something like

well, just by coincidence, my mom hands me a catalog this morning from a
place called the Rain Shed in Oregon filled with patterns and fabric for
outdoor stuff!  everything from overmits to waterproof/breathable rain gear,
stuff sacks...you name it.  

so, yes, here i am admitting that I CAN SEW...call me a dork, but i think
this is really cool--i had no idea companies like this existed.  but if
you're handy while slaving over a hot sewing machine, it brings the cost of
something like a pair of Ultrex pants from120 to 35 bucks.   not bad!

woman of the 50s