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Re: Wild boar

>>Ann Adair (MUSIC)" <aadair@satie.arts.usf.edu> writes:
>> Last spring, my husband and I were hiking at Kissimmee State 
Park in  Florida. After our first night, we got up and started 
hiking at about  6:30 am, and, luckily, we were downwind from a 
pack of feral hogs and  were right upon them before they smelled 
us. The were very interesting 
>> medium sized black pigs that were really spooked when they 
noticed us. 
          What do they call a bunch of them herd, gaggle? Any very 
same thing happened to me, up by Palakta, when I hiked FT. Thought 
at first they were domistic, that had gotten lose, but thought the 
sow was going to charge, she sure got in front of her piglets! But 
guess she never saw a human with a backpack, and she ran her brood 

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