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Re: AT Home Page

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Richard (Dick) L. Wix wrote:

> Anybody heard from Download/Nexmo lately.??
> Seems like they should be at or beyond Fontana by now, if they haven't hit
> too much bad weather..

They're in Fontana now and should be sending in an update tomorrow.  I'll 
send it whenever it arrives, and will also add it to their page.
> Has anyone tried to connect ot the AT Home Page in the last two days.?? I
> get a notice of a 
> socket disconnect for it (http://www.fred.net/kathy/at.html)... 

I don't know why a couple of people have reported having problems
accessing the page - except that just about all sites seem to be
inaccessible from time to time.  Sometimes one just has to hit reload and
a page that appears to not be working will appear.  Sometimes with various
pages, I have gotten the message "Document contains no data" - and - if
using Netscape - I've often been able to cause the page to come in by
hitting the "stop" button.  I've also heard reports of some MCI routers
somewhere being replaced - and folks have surmised that some slowness in
accessing various sites esp. when they are at a fair distance may be being
caused by this.... 

If you continue having access problems, please let me know.

--Kathy Bilton  kathy@fred.net