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Re: denatured alcohol?

You wrote: 

>	I just bought a MSR International and have heard the stories 
>about it not being able to simmer.  Is this true? 

MSR Whisperlite International do burn hot.  Great for melting snow, thin soups, etc. 
but a bit of a drag with thicker soups, sauce, rice and beans, etc. dishes.

I used to bring to a boil in the pot then "simmer" stuff in a water bottle wrapped 
in my sleeping bag; until I got a wet bag on a cold windy night.  So, I now use a 
pot cozy to save fuel (read weight), to keep the concoctions from sticking/burning, 
and to save water.  Works great for soup and rice/lentil dishes.  However, except in 
soap, pasta come out sticky. 

To make a pot cozy -- 
Get some 1/2 inch thick closed cell foam.  An over-the-hill pad works.  Create a 
strip a little wider than the height of your cook pot w/lid and a little longer than 
the diameter of your cook pot, or its lid, at the widest point of the two.  Glue 
narrow ends of this strip together to make a cylinder that just fits around the pot 
w/lid. Cut a circular foam top and bottom.  Glue the top to the cylinder to closed 
one end.  Leave the other open.  Cut a smaller circle of heavy foil -- the bottom of 
throw-away pie plate works great.  Glue this to the bottom foam piece. It keeps the 
hot pot from sticking to the foam.  Mine weighs about an ounce and a half.

To use the cozy --
Cook and stir as normal for about 1/4 to 1/3 the normal cooking time.  At the end of 
that time there should still be lots of liquid in the pot.  Put the bottom circle of 
foam on a level place, foil side up.  Place pot w/lid on the foil.  Put the foam 
cylinder over the pot and lid.  Let sit undisturbed for a little longer than the 
normal full cooking time.  In real windy situations, secure with a light rock.  BTW 
never put cozy on pot while it is on stove, fire, etc.!!