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Re: Boots

I'll share my little story about lightweight hiking boots.

I was leading a trip of young teenagers on the AT and one girl had only 
lightweight hiking boots.  The ankle support was crummy, but that was all 
she had.  Anyway, her ankle started to roll with every step.  Eventually, 
the cumulative effect finally built up, the ankle finally gave out, 
twisted, and she rolled down the hill (not too far, one of the advantages 
of bulky external frame packs is that they stop rolls pretty well).

The next week, I relegated my lightweight hikers to around town use and 
got me some solid boots.

just my 60 prutas worth,


Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
University at Albany - Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies             

"Welcome to the psychotherapy hotline.  If you are obsessive-compulsive, 
please press '1' repeatedly.  If you are co-dependant, please have someone 
else press '2' for you.  If you have multiple-personality disorder, please
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