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Re: jitters

I just wanted to say that I am hiking the PCT this year(in 4 weeks) 
and I am feeling much the same way. I am sure it is normal for anyone 
who is taking on somthing like we are. I swing from happiness, to 
sadness. While I am very exited to be doing the trail I am also sad 
to leave friends, family, and a good job. But you know I know that 
once I actually get out there it will all be worth it. Right now its 
hard to fully understand the reality of what we are about to do. I do 
feel exactually the same way you  do!! Its kind of a weird time for 
me. With love,
Ryan Christensen  

Date:          Wed, 27 Mar 1996 19:54:46 -0600
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Subject:       jitters

howdy, folks.
i am leaving for georgia in approximately 21 days, 3 weeks, about a month,
504 hours, one of those time periods at least, and i am very very nervous.
jittery, anxious, freaked out. i have waken wake up every morning since i
realized how much time is left (a week ago) and have fretted about what
i need to do to prepare myself to leave in a month (i have still lots of
loose ends to tie up). i have driven my family and friends bonkers with only
talikng about the trail and what i need to do, what i will do, etc. i alternate
between happy to go and sad to leave. is this normal? i think everything will
be fine when i arrive, but till then.... am i supposed to have butterflies
this early?