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spring breakers

>At Catawba Shelter were 3 college kids. I greeted them with "so I'm not
>the only crazy backpacker on the Trail in Virginia". When I found out that
>they were on spring break,  I told them that they were out of their minds
>not to be in Florida like many of their peers. They smiled in semi

I've been listening in for a while and thought this would be a good time to
introduce myself.  My friend and I both did our first hike on th AT over
spring break.  We started in Damascus, VA and had an great time.  The
weather was beautiful for the first three days.  We ran into some rain and
snow after that, but we mangaed to escape the worst of it.  I'd have to say
it was a great experience and we learned so much.  Reading the book is so
much different than the experience.  Special thanks to Damascus Dave for
helping us get started.  Who wouldn't choose the AT instead of Florida?

 "The Other One"