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Re: trail dog food

>Also, in regard to dogs hiking the trail, how
>much of an increase in your dog's eating habits
>did you notice while on the trail and did you feel
>the need to add additional kinds of food (fat sources?)
>to your dog's diet?

Though I've never had my dog, "Bonnie" on the AT, her appetite does rise
moderately on BP trips.  I've polled a number of trail dog folks, and they
uniformly agree that each dog's appetite on the trail is different.  Some
are nonplussed, some are famished, and some actually cut their intake the
first few days. While there is a wide range of opinion on the most popular
brands of food, the "high-performance" varieties in the Purina
ProPlan/Eukanuba/Iams brands (or comparables) provide a well-balanced diet
geared toward the athletic dog.  The best trail dog references, both written
by veterinarians, don't mention serious additives.  Allow the dog a gradual
transition from "home" food to the high-speed variety before leaving for
your trip. 

Wolfpacks at http://www.mind.net/catalog/ offers Dr. Lerner's *Backpacking
with your Dog*.  Hands down, this has to be the best guide.

Jim Greenway