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First off, what date are you starting on. (I am going to be at Amicalola 
Falls SP on April 14) 
Next, I know some of what you are going through (albeit a little different) I 
am not so worried about the hike as you seem to be (but face it your 
worst enimy is yourself when it comes to fear. I do have some weird mood 
swings, concern to joy to guilt (about leaving people to finish things I 
started at work ect) back to joy again. I think this is normal when about 
to do something like this.

Just remember there ARE people who understand what you are going through 
and are about to go through. I have found the AT-l to be a great place for 
support, and from what I have read (and that is just about everything I 
could get my hands on) That support system is even stronger once you are on 
the trail with fellow hikers. 
You'll do fine and NO YOU ARE NOT GOING NUTS! 

Dan "High Tech" Kohn 
GA -> PA '96 
P.S. My friends and family are sick of hearing me talk (and think) of the A.T. 
too ;-) 
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