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Re: And Some Dogs Go Hiking On Their Own....

>The Dog Who Decided to Go Hiking by Himself
>Jean pointed to a Polaroid that she had taped to the wall behind
>her desk.  Most Polaroids seen around the ATC HQ are of thru-
>hikers, who've reached the half-way point on a thru-hike.   Unlike
>these pictures, this one was of a white German Shepherd. The
>picture was labeled, "Cody" and dated March 7.

        I have been lurking and getting exited for all those planning a thru
         I was hiking in Maryland between Harper's Ferry and the Pennsy line
this winter, and saw all kinds of signs looking for Cody I am so happy that
Cody found some friends and got home. I hike with two well-behaved Springer
Spanials and usually watch for a reaction in people as I approach to see if
they are comfortable.  If they do not seem comfortable, I leash the dogs

                Go for it thru hikers, the Kushmans sound wonderful.

                Randy Johnson - I do not deserve a trail name, maybe someday.
Randy Johnson