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Re: jitters

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Christina S. Young wrote:
> howdy, folks.
> i am leaving for georgia in approximately 21 days, 3 weeks, about a month,
> 504 hours, one of those time periods at least, and i am very very nervous.
> jittery, anxious, freaked out. i have waken wake up every morning since i
> realized how much time is left (a week ago) and have fretted about what
> i need to do to prepare myself to leave in a month (i have still lots of
> loose ends to tie up). i have driven my family and friends bonkers with only
> talikng about the trail and what i need to do, what i will do, etc. i alternate
> between happy to go and sad to leave. is this normal? i think everything will
> be fine when i arrive, but till then.... am i supposed to have butterflies
> this early?
	Completely normal; We all have our own ways of dealing with 
major changes, and butterflies may be yours. Rereading my AT journals, I 
noticed that initially before getting on the trail, I had some doubts & 
reservations about the trip. They were as much a part of the journey as 
the external factors. I've found that in the past if I've tried to fight 
my internal feelings (fret about the woulda, coulda, shouldas), that the 
anxiety just lingered...much like trying to fight a riptide that carries 
you out to sea - it'll exhaust you unless you wait for it to let you go 
so you can swim unimpeded... 
	Just as you'll have your ups & downs on the physical trail, 
you'll have them also internally....ah, it's such a part of this thing 
called life! 
	Have a great leaving and a great arriving! Pat