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RE: Boots

Jeff, I've known several long-distance hikers who have used running shoes or
low-cut boot/shoes. One friend went through 3 pairs of running shoes on the AT,
loved it, and was one of the first to finish that year. He said he just had to
make a mental adjustment about wet feet on some days. Another friend who has
done the AT 3 times switched to low shoes this last time and has told me she'll
never go back to boots! I've been curious about switching also and have decided
to use low-cut One Sport Cirques for at least the beginning (NM) of the CDT
this year. I'll know a heck of a lot more about it by June 1st! You indicate
interest in the PCT... I think that would be a better trail for running shoes
than the AT, with the obvious exception of a bad snow year, when a boot with
the ability to "edge" better might be called for.  Bob