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Re: Wild boar

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996 ILFltlndr@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone see any wild boar?  When I walked the southern part of North Carolina
> (and maybe it was also upper Georgia), I saw lots of sign, but never a boar.
>  Not that I wanted to,  mind you.  I particularly saw a lot of sign just
> north of Standing Indian. There was a large campsite in a gap there that was
> torn up by the boar.  Boar are nocturnal so nighttime would be the time you'd
> probably hear them rather than see them.

I often do a lot of night hiking, mostly by choice, but sometimes because 
I'm the break-o-the-afternoon kid and have run into wild boar several 
times in the Smokies. One time I heard a loud rumble ahead on the trail, 
I stepped aside just in time for the squealing hoard to run past me led 
by a huge ugly fellow....would not have wanted to be in his way! I've 
encountered a lot of animals, bears as well as boars in the early 
evenings when the light is fading..probably because I'm a silent hiker & 
usually don't bother with a flashlight unless it's just pitch black out. 
I like to keep my ears & senses on hyperalert but keep my voice & steps 
quiet....it really brings the forest alive that way...Pat