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Hi, I've been lurking for the past month picking up some good info for hikes
this summer.  Thanks for the insight and letting me listen.

Speaking of boots...

Has anyone read the "Footwear" chapter of Ray Jardine's "PCT Handbook"?  He
outlines his position for advocating the use of running shoes instead of
hiking boots while backpacking.  From what I understand of his point of view,
running shoes allow your foot to work the way it was designed to work.  Your
foot and ankle can yield to the trail giving you a better feel for what is
beneath you.  Hiking boots remove that closeness, locking your ankle into
place.  Mr Jardine says boots contribute to a weakening of the ankle and sets
up the situation for an injury to occur.  He also describes the benefits of
having less weight to accelerate with each step which reduces the amount of
energy expended per mile and increases the number of miles one can travel
each day.  (This is my paraphrased interpretation of his view.)

The first time I read the chapter I was too bewildered to pick up much info,
but upon reading it a second and third time, I am beginning to see what he is
saying, and frankly, agree with the concepts.  Is there anyone out there who
has experimented with running shoes or wears them regularly while
backpacking?  I'd like to get a few more testimonials before I employ the
tactic on a thruhike.  I haven't actually tried it with a heavy pack, but I
have on day hikes when I would have normally worn boots.

Thanks for any feedback.

-Jeff Martin
PCT '97