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Re: Fuel Bottles Required

David Guild wrote:
> Hi,
> My wife and I are starting a through hike around the first of May.  We've
> been going through our packs to cut weight and we can't decide how many
> fuel bottles to carry.  We bought two msr 22oz bottles to go with our
> wisperlite.  Do we need to carry them both, or should we carry one and
> just mail the other to a few of the more remote areas?  What are your
> experiences?  Thanks,  Dave Guild

I agree w/ Walt Daniels that it depends on what you're burning fuel on - 
I used to do a lot of water purification by boiling & that added 
considerably to fuel consumption.

The Whisperlite tends to be more fuel-efficient than the Peak I, 
however, so that will cut your use, especially if you've got the heat 
exchanger.  You may well do OK w/ just one.