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Re: boots/GTX

>> > A word about goretex - I learned the hard way on the Trail  - 
it works very well as long as it's clean.  How do you keep the 
inside of your boots clean?
>>There are those of us who consider Goretex boots a scam.   
Personal opinion is to buy boots for comfort, durability, etc - but 
not because they're Goretex.
>> For what its worth - here is my humble opinion:
>> I agree with Jim, I think it is a good way for manufacturers to 
get people to buy their shoes because "Gore-Tex" is a buzzword that 
everybody can recognize (just like work boots insulated with 
Thinsulate). GTX in shoes raises the price and cuts down on 
breathability.  While it is a 'breathable' fabric, there is only so 
much humidity it can transport, and your feet are pretty much the 
most humid places on the planet (no offense to  anybody's feet).
    I agree with everything wrote about Gortex boots. Learned my 
lesson after buying my first pair, would never again buy any brand 
of Gortex boot. That's why I carry a pair of Gortex socks, they are 
only used when needed, and they have lasted thru several pair of