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Re: intro

Emily -

Welcome to the zoo.

> First, are
>we going to hit a big wave of Thru-hikers at the start of May in
>Damascus, or will we be pretty much ahead of the majority?

You'll probably start with the people that are around the Kushmans
right now.  Considering the delays they've experienced, the timing's
about right for them to hit Damascus around the first of May.

>Has anyone
>had problems with a not free-standing tent, such as the SD Clip

I used a Clip Flashlite for a while on the Trail.  I had no problems with it.

>Jim, I'm glad you posted the opportunities for working witha trail
>crew in Pa- the Morraine St. Park one sounded good!  Thanks, everyone!

Cool !!  Just make sure you call Mark a week or so before the trip to
confirm where to meet them.  If I remember right, we lost one couple last
year that way - they went to the wrong place and didn't catch up to us
until Saturday night.   Mark will have all the tools you'll need, but bring
a pair of work gloves.  Best you talk to him about the arrangements.

Have fun,