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RE: thorlo socks

I can imagine that it would work and that the slick, gray finish would be 
good.  But God help you when taking it off!!  If your feet are tinder or 
blistered you'd probably loose a lot of skin in the process.  Taking moleskin 
off can be painful and it's designed for feet...
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i also use thorlos...the trekkers.  i use a light pair in the summer and a
heavy pair in the winter.  with a size 8 1/2 foot they fit fine.  make sure
you check the sizing on them, tho.  there are two sizes available that
encompass a rather large range of sizes.  as mentioned in a previous post,
the trekkers have cotton in them where the hikers don't.  personal preference
i guess.  re blisters, has anyone ever used duct tape on their feet?  my mom
(psycho hiker/rock climber/adirondack 46er extraordinaire) swears by this...