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Re: Shorts riding up

>>              There's always nude hiking! 

>> Ok, I have to ask this to see if Wingfoot was pulling my leg or 
not. He said that in the past few years a new tradition has started 
among thru-hikers on the summer solstice. Apparently for some part 
of that day many of the thru-hikers become nude-hikers, so is this 
true? I must admit it congures up some pretty funny images in my 
mind of day hikers or weekenders coming up on a group of smelly, 
naked thru-hikers who claim to be going to Maine. Maybe there is a 
bit of truth in all those people who tell me that I, and any one 
>> else who would want to do this, must be crazy :)
      	There is NO Federal Law against nudity, so if one is on 
Federal lands? (Indecent exposure is is different than nudity) So, 
any hiker lawyers(Real, not jailhouse), post your comments on this 
tread, which is of course, about wearing no threads!

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