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Re: boots

>i tried on two pairs of boots this weekend, the vasque sundowner and 
>merril rimrock.  i have to say that the infamous sundowner did 
nothing for
>me.  but the rimrocks were VERY comfortable.  does anyone have any 
>with them?
   Well, no experience with the Rimrocks, but my Merrell Lassens 
(with me in them) just got back from a four day trip through the Big 
South Fork in southern Kentucky. Not a single blister, and they were 
great in conditions ranging from the 8-10 inches of snow on the 
ground when I started to the 60-degree weather I had on the last day.

   Merrell gets a hardy endorsement from this feller -- who, BTW, has 
had a pair very problematic feet in the past. (No, I didn't get new 
feet, just new Merrells!)