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RE: boots

>Sundowners didn't work for me.  Ultimately I decided on the Trakkers, but
>only because the cuff on the Rimrocks kept biting me in the back of the leg
>every step I took.  Didn't think that would ease up enough to be
>comfortable.  I kinda liked the gore-tex lining, though.  It was a tough
>GA->ME 1999

Jennifer -

A word about goretex - I learned the hard way on the Trail  - it works very
well as long as it's clean.  How do you keep the inside of your boots clean?

There are those of us who consider Goretex boots a scam.   Personal
opinion is to buy boots for comfort, durability, etc - but not because
they're Goretex.

My 2 cents -

Have a good day,
Jim Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92