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RE: boots

Interesting you should mention the Rimrock.  I was just shopping for a new 
pair of boots and found 2 that I took home to mull over.  One was the 
Rimrocks and the other was a pair of Vasque Trakkers.  Like you, the 
Sundowners didn't work for me.  Ultimately I decided on the Trakkers, but 
only because the cuff on the Rimrocks kept biting me in the back of the leg 
every step I took.  Didn't think that would ease up enough to be 
comfortable.  I kinda liked the gore-tex lining, though.  It was a tough 

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From: at-l
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Subject: boots
Date: Tuesday, March 26, 1996 6:49AM

hi all.
i tried on two pairs of boots this weekend, the vasque sundowner and the
merril rimrock.  i have to say that the infamous sundowner did nothing for
me.  but the rimrocks were VERY comfortable.  does anyone have any 
with them?