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Re: boots

>thanx jeff...glad i didn't buy the merrills!  i'll keep shopping around.
> looks like my mom and i are heading to MEC next weekend...she's putting
>together a river rafting trip somewhere in ottawa so it'll be very
>convenient.  i hear there is also an osprey dealer up there called expedition
>shop.  i also received my arc'teryx catalog.  despite the cool logo, i don't
>see any sleeping bag compartment or external pockets of any kind on the
>bora70 that i've heard so much about.  wondering how thru-hikers like this
>bag without those features.  is anyone out there using an osprey or gregory
>pack?  i've tried on danas, lowes, and camp trails and so far only two do
>anything for me.  the inexpensive lowe scirroco which, again, has no pockets
>and therefore is getting scratched and the billion dollar terraplane.  it
>sucks to have expensive tastes!  
>ah, well, i guess that's why i work.
>(there has to be SOME reason)

Well I haven't thru-hiked yet (although I can't wait to meet you on the 
trail Alisa!), but I did buy the Bora 70 and have had it out once so far. I 
was also concerned about the lack of a sleeping bag compartment, but since I 
have used the pack I no longer have any problems with it. The pack has a 
zipper that runs almost the full length of the pack down it's side and I 
actuall found that this gave me better access to my stuff than I had with my 
old pack which had a sleeping bag compartment. I normally put my tent right 
above my bag and sleeping pad and then pile all of the other smaller stuff 
on top, with the old strictly top loadung pack I had this meant that I had 
to take almost everything out to get to the tent. With the 2-way side zipper 
I can simply open a space big enough to get the tent out and not risk 
getting everything else exposed to rain or whatever. So all in all I like 
it. But don't take this as an ad for Arc'teryx, buy the pack that is most 
comfortable to you, I'm figuring that a thru-hike is going to be tuff enough 
with out an uncomfortable pack.

Oh and by the way, the Bora 70 does have an outside pocket on the back of 
the pack and 2 pockets in the lid, now that I think of it this is starting 
to sound like an ad, I only wish I was getting paid for it.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)