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Re: trail maintenance in PA??

>thanks jim.  i think that we'd all like to help out any trails we can but
>speaking personally, i would like to be close enough to the AT so that we can
>meet some of the hikers and spread as much magic as they can handle.  so if
>we can find some combination of work and magic, that would be great.

Alisa -

I thought that might be the case, but wanted to extend the invitation anyway.
Excluding the AT, there are over 2000 miles of hiking trails in PA - and not
enough people maintaining them.   I'm sure the trails in NY have somewhat
the same problem.  A high percentage of the people who do maintenance
work do it on the AT and a lot of the other trails get shortchanged.  The AT
isn't in danger of being closed - a lot of the others are.  That's why
Ginny & I
work with the KTA crews.

After you thruhike, you may find that you'll want to hike less populated
If so, we'll be out there keeping them open for you.   You can join us anytime.

In the meantime, the main pack of thruhikers should be going through PA in
June and the first two weeks in July.  Have fun.  We may see you there.

Walk softly,