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Re: thorlo socks

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, SHARON SHARPE wrote:
> I've been using thorlo socks as well as wool blend with polypro liner.
> I always get confused when looking at the thorlos..... do I want
> "hiking" socks or "trekking" socks???  Of course I don't remember which
> I bought before, although they seem to work well (I get blisters no matter
> which I use -- strategically placed moleskin applied in advance works best
> for me!!).  Can anybody help me out?? Which thorlo to buy?  Also, as a woman

	I recently bought a pair of the trekkers & really like them .. 
very comfy. I think they're heavier padded than the hikers. The only 
downside is that my new pup prefers Thorlos over my cheap socks & I now 
have an air-conditioned one. For you blister prone feet, try this: 
instead of inner socks (always rode up on me & gave me blisters ), just 
vaseline your feet & in between your toes.A thin layer is fine but add 
extra to the spots where you're prone to blister. This reduces friction, 
keeps your feets fairly dry (& warm). I usually reapply whenever I have a 
rest break or just before a wet wading. I rarely get blisters, and 
usually only if I forget to apply the vaseline. Pat