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Nekid Hiking Day

E George Oeser (aka Needles) asked about hiking nude on the summer solstice.

Back in '94, several Northbounders began to practice hiking "Au
Natural" as we moved North.  It started around Helvey's Mills shelter, 
after a stop in nearby Bastian for meals and mail pick-ups.  As this 
group hiked north,  the idea began to form that the summer solistice 
would be a perfect day to practice 'Nekid Hiking day.  The group that 
decided to "field test" this idea decided to hike into Rusty's in the buff 
as a practice session for the solstice.  Back on one of the walls on 
Rusty's porch is a nice picture of the group that hiked in in the nude 
(save for a few strategically placed Nalgene bottles). I heard that 
later several of them actually did hike nude on the solstice, but it 
was so hot that year in PA, just about everybody was stripped way down 
by then.  That group was a lot of fun to hike with it; we all enjoyed 
each other's company quite a bit.  'Nekid Hiking Day was one
of those Trail experiences the guide books just don't seem to get around